Play Monopoly Big Event Online Slot with a Special Guide

Monopoly is a well loved board game, played across the world in almost every country on Earth, and renowned for it’s highly entertaining play systems. The Monopoly Big Event slot game, created by Barcrest Software, is based around the beloved board game, and does an excellent job of capturing all the recognisable aspects. Players will immediately notice that some of the legendary play pieces of the board game are present, including the race car, dog, and battleship. The Monopoly Man himself also makes many appearances, sporting the monocle that has made him so infamous.

In terms of graphics the Monopoly Big Event slot game is certainly expertly done. Every symbol design is bursting with quality and attention to detail, and the Monopoly Man, brought to life as a 3D model, is as lovable as he ever was on the cover of the board game. Notice that an interactive soundtrack also kicks into life upon the reels being spun, which brings the whole experience together into a charming slot game experience. Let’s take a closer look at the game’s play systems and payout charts.

Payouts and Symbol Designs

It is all but expected that the Monopoly Man would be the most valuable symbol in the Monopoly Big Event slot game. He offers enormous payouts when matched the maximum of 5 times, making him live up to his reputation of being a wealthy individual. The classic play pieces make up the remaining symbol designs, with the battleship being the most valuable, the race car being the second most valuable, and dog the third most valuable.

Like in numerous real money slots Australia, the low value symbols are the traditional playing card numbers, including 10, jack, queen, king, and ace. It must be said that the clichéd playing card numbers do lack a bit of creativity, and it would have gone a long way to have included the other missing play pieces. Why Barcrest Studios fell short including these pieces, and instead settled for the playing card numbers, is a bit of a mystery. Regardless, it does not detract from the overall entertainment value of the Monopoly Big Event slot game.

Bonus Systems and Special Features

The outstanding bonus feature of this game is the Big Bet system. To activate the Big Bet system, click the appropriate button on the right of the play area. This will open a window which gives the player two options. The first option will raise the betting lines from 10 to 20, as well as activating a special multiplier. The multiplier will activate upon the player triggering a free spins bonus.

The second option increases the betting lines to 30, and allows a special feature to trigger upon the free spins bonus being achieved. The special feature comes in the form of a wheel, which will spin and select one of 3 options at random. Each of the 3 options are extremely generous and lucrative, and each a major score for the player. Which it will be, however, remains to be seen by lucky players.

Author: Shuusaku Saito