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Blackjack at its Best Online

Blackjack has often been said to be a game of skill, and this is true whether one chooses to play real-life blackjack or whether one chooses to play blackjack online casino games. It is a game of immense excitement and thrill, and players choosing to play blackjack online casino games can choose between two different versions and a number of variants. Certain top rated online casinos offer over 40 different variants, ranging from the more classic European or Spanish Blackjack to Pontoon, Atlantic City and even progressive jackpot blackjack games.

Online Blackjack Game

The standard online blackjack game that is available when choosing to play blackjack online casino games is pretty similar to the traditional real-life version of blackjack.

In this game, players are each dealt two cards, and they play against the dealer. The dealer’s two cards are placed one facing up and one facing down, giving players a sneak peek of what they are up against, while the players’ cards are laid down either one facing up and one facing down, both facing up, or both facing down. This depends on house rules.

Once the players have been dealt their cards, they can choose to take a hit, that is, to take another card, or to stand, that is, not to take another card. It is by choosing to hit or stand, in addition to various other game strategies, that players influence the outcome of the game.

Ultimately, the aim of blackjack is to achieve a hand value of twenty one. Number cards are taken at face value, while all the face cards have a value of ten. The aces have a value of one or eleven, and this is at the player’s discretion. If a player achieves a hand value of twenty one holding only two cards, then this is a blackjack, and the player automatically wins.

If play goes beyond the first two cards, then whoever has the hand value closest to twenty one wins the game. However, at no time may this value go over twenty one. This is where the deciding factor of having the ace be an eleven or a one is very important.

If players choose to play blackjack online casino games in this standard version, then the dealer is simply replaced with an automated software system and the options to hit or stand are available through buttons. Choosing to play blackjack online casino games has various advantages, such as free blackjack games and numerous bonuses.

The Live Blackjack Game

However, players may also choose to play at casino games that are live. In this version of online blackjack, the rules remain the same, but players actually play against a real dealer and there may also be other players at the virtual blackjack table.

The players and the dealer play in real time via a live streaming feed, and players can actually interact with the dealer and the other players. This ups the excitement of the game and promises a blackjack experience that is similar to real-life blackjack, while still enabling the conveniences that are allowed through online blackjack. Also, the betting limits of live online blackjack are often slightly higher than in standard online blackjack.

By offering these two versions of the game in so many exciting variants, traditional online and live online, players choosing to play blackjack online casino games can choose what they are in the mood for and experience the best of both worlds.

Author: Shuusaku Saito