Iron Man Online Slot Explained to Casino Players

The Iron Man slot machine game, by Cryptologic, is an online casino game. It features a five reel, twenty five line system, and is based on the popular Marvel Comic Book and movie character. Players must place a starting wager, and then spin the reels. If icons form a matching sequence upon the wheels stopping, a payout is made. Some picture icons are worth more then others, and some bonus icons trigger major special bonus payouts, including jackpots. This game may be played for free, or real money. If you would like to play for real money, please ensure that funds are available in your account. Read on to learn more about this modern online casino game.

Icons in Play

Sticking with the theme, the Iron Man slot game uses icons based around the character. These include Tony Stark, rockets, a mysterious briefcase, and the word Iron Man. The traditional one to ten, plus jack, queen, king of playing cards are also used. When a winning match is made, a solid line will run through the icons indicating which payout will be given. Note that picture icons will pay out more then numbers, if matched. The Iron Man picture icon the most valuable. A longer running sequence, with more then three in a match, will also pay out more.

User Interface and Compatibility

A quick glance will reveal the player’s balance, near the bottom of the screen, as well as the current wager like you see in the slots selected here. Tap the auto-start button to play out multiple spins, with the plus and minus buttons indicating how many automatic spins will be taken. The info button will give more detailed information on the game and its winning sequences, while the bet max button will put puts on all lines to the maximum. The spin button, located in the bottom right, will take one manual spin.

Mobile Phone Compatible

The Iron Man slot game has a simple user interface specifically designed to be used on mobile phones and touch screens. To get this game, download it via the appropriate application store, Google Play Store or Apple iStore. It may also be played directly in an Internet browser via laptop or home computer. To do so, simply open the game in an Internet browser and wait for it to load. If an error message is returned, please ensure that you have installed the free Flash software.

Explosive Bonus Payout

In the Iron Man slot game, the Iron Man icon is a wild card. This means the tile may be matched with any other tile to create a matching sequence. Such as, two jacks and an iron man making three jacks. The Iron Man icon may also be matched with itself three times for a big payout. The word Iron Man is the scatter icon, which will activate the bonus mini-game. In this mini-game the player has a chance to get a major jackpot win. Take not that the Iron Man picture icon may not match with the word Iron Man to create a sequence.

Author: Shuusaku Saito