Exploring NetEnt Games’ New Wild Water Slot

Wild Water Slot Game

Developed by one of the best software developers in the world, and boasting a game title that pretty much explains itself and gives players a rough idea of the game theme, this NetEnt slot creation will be explored in more detail in this article. If having never played this game before, by reading the following information, players will know what to expect before delving into gameplay.

On first inspection, the Wild Water slot game immediately transports players to the 60s and 70s, the era of surfing hippies and sun-loving beach bums. Think sand, sun, surf, white beaches, vintage cars and allow the retro feelings and memories of fun times on the shore wash over you as you click to venture deeper into this bright and colourful slot game.

During gameplay, players will meet up with young surfers on the reels. From a longhaired man, a young girl in a costume, an afro-haired surfer, a beach-bag carrying pretty woman and a surfer listening to a wireless old-school radio, every beach character in the game adorns different beach attire and accessories.

Playing Structure And Real Play Explored

Like most slot games from NetEnt games, this video slot features five reels with three rows. A total of 20 pay lines await players’ full activation, with the pay lines being fixed. Although having fixed pay lines may seem like a deterrence for those not of the high spender calibre, there is a plus side to having fixed pay lines in that maximum pay-outs will always be awarded in max wagering. The more pay lines activated, the more chances of winning and the larger the winnings actually become.

Detailed Aesthetics Makes This Game Better

NetEnt games also offer some of the best aesthetics craftsmanship, with every graphic or individual decoration receiving the same effort and care as any other in-game element found at online casino Hong Kong. With the Wild Water slot game, the interface is simpler and cleaner, the colours are brighter, the soundtrack and effects more immersive and complementary and the overall look and feel sports a more authentic, realistic feel.

In-Game Factors That Set This Slot Apart

Not only do numerous in-game features of the Wild Water slot game set it apart from other similar slots, but these factors and unique elements also put this slot ahead of the other titles in the race of which game is the best in the virtual arena.

If only looking at real money play, stacked wilds, a fun bonus game called Surf’s Up, a bonus award called Surf Team, wild symbols and of course free spins all place the Wild Water slot game ahead of the slot pack.

Not only does the vast array of in-game features mentioned above create a rewarding slot, but the frequent appearances of each of these bonus features also makes this slot better than most. Frequent encounters with symbols begging to increase a player’s bankroll, as well as the frequent stacking of these symbols, is a welcoming surprise for players.

Although the whole hippie beach theme may be seen in other games, what makes the Wild Water slot game different, and better, is how well the theme is incorporated into the game and the detailed execution of every element within the design.

Author: Shuusaku Saito