Cashing in on the Home Straight – Melbourne Cup Racing

Known as the “Race That Stops A Nation” the Melbourne Cup is the most prestigious thoroughbred horse race in Australia.  The Melbourne Cup is always held in November on the first Tuesday of the month and includes 10 races which continue through the day with the main race starting at 15:00.

The Melbourne Cup is a horse race that covers 3200 meters and horses over 3 years of age may participate.  It is held on Flemington Racecourse and is conducted by the Victoria Racing Club.  The Melbourne Cup attracts many bettors from around the world and this of course includes Australia’s neighbour New Zealand.

Straight Melbourne Cup Betting Options

For bettors in New Zealand the Melbourne Cup offers the chance to place bets and possibly win big.  There are a range of Melbourne cup betting options to consider when placing a bet on this prestigious horse race.  The most popular Melbourne cup betting option is known as a win bet and all bettors have to do is choose their favourite horse to win.  A place bet is another easy Melbourne cup betting option and here bettors must choose the horse that will finish the race in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. The each way bet allows bettors the chance to bet on whether a horse wins and if they come 2nd or 3rd.  If their horse comes 2nd or 3rd they will only win the place bet.  A head to head bet is choosing two horses and placing a wager on which one will complete the race ahead of the other.

Exotic Melbourne Cup Betting Options

A popular Melbourne cup betting option for New Zealand bettors is live betting which allows bettors to place a bet after the race has started.  As the race progresses the odds for every horse will change, making this an exciting Melbourne cup betting choice.  Futures bets offer the chance for higher dividends and bettors in New Zealand can place bets on their favourite horses months ahead of the race.  This Melbourne cup betting option offers a higher risk because the horse may not even participate in the race.

The exotic bets such as the quinella, trifecta, exacta, quaddie, first 4 and big 6 are Melbourne cup betting options which offer big dividends and are popular among New Zealand bettors.  The quinella is choosing two horses to finish 1st and 2nd in any order.  The exacta is similar to the quinella, but here bettors must choose a horse that will finish 1st and 2nd in the exact order.  The trifecta Melbourne cup betting option is to predict the 1st three horses to win in that exact order.  The boxed trifecta is the same as the trifecta but the three horses can finish in any order as long as they finish in the top three.  For New Zealand bettors the quaddie is a bit more difficult but offers good dividends.  With the quaddie option bettors must choose the winner of four races.  The Melbourne cup betting option that offers great dividends is the Big 6 and with this type of bet bettors must choose the winners of six races.  Bettors will also receive a supplementary dividend if 5 of their choices come in first.

With the option of bettors placing a wager on the Melbourne cup is a simple and easy process.  Bettors who have done their research well will increase their chances of placing a suitable bet on this prestigious horse race.

Author: Shuusaku Saito